Network Director TOM HANSEN

Global Leadership

The role as global leader has increased in complexity over the past few years. Insuring a shared direction across cultures is no longer the only challenge. Leaders also have to cope with globalisation having made the world smaller and that a new order of the world challenges the market. This makes new demands on leaders – on workflows and on how to implement your strategy throughout the organisation.

With constant challenges, global leaders have to lead in unfamiliar terrain and to a higher degree lead based on vision rather than strategy. With advantage, they can find inspiration in the Nordic management DNA that builds on trust, the courage to challenge decisions and an experimental approach to tasks.


The network brings together Danish leaders and expats so they can learn from each others’ dissimilarities and discuss change management in a global context, the Nordic management DNA and the significance of new trends for the business. We process professional discussions into a toolbox, you can use in your work.


Tom Hansen is co-founder of New Practice Leadership. He graduated from The University of Southern Denmark, where he remains on an Advisory Board. Most of his career, he worked with organizational transformation. Today he coaches top managements in global corporations on how to structure the corporation’s innovation and execute in an  exponentially changing world.