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Global Leadership

The role of a global leader is becoming increasingly complex, in keeping with a changing world around us. Ensuring a shared direction across cultural diversity is no longer the only challenge. Leaders also have to deal with globalisation having made the world a smaller place, as well as a new world order challenging markets. This places new demands on leaders, on workflow processes and not least on strategy implementation in the organisation.

Global leaders have to lead in unfamiliar terrains and to a higher degree based on vision rather than strategy. A possible source of inspiration could be the Nordic leadership DNA which builds on trust, courage to challenge the status quo, and an experimental approach.

Management from a global perspective
The Global Leadership networking group offers a unique-in-its-way opportunity for English speakers to network locally in Copenhagen at leadership level, in a structured and fully facilitated setting.

The network brings together Danish and ex-pat leaders to learn from each others’ dissimilarities and to discuss Change Management in a global context, and the significance of new trends and developments. Outcomes from group meetings are developed into a toolbox, ready to apply in your everyday work.

Former themes in the network

The New Normal

The meeting dealt with the management challenge ‘to seize the opportunity of the corona crisis to find the New Normal’. That is, what will happen in the future, so that the company not only comes out of the crisis, but comes out of it strengthened.

There is a need right now to adopt managerial skills to ensure a different kind of employee engagement, motivation and inclusion.

Strategy in times of radical change

Strategy is to win the war. Tactics are winning the single battle. This is how we tend to understand strategy. But what do we do when 90% of data in world history is created within the last two years, and markets, services, and customers move faster than we get a strategy approved?

Mindfulness as a cultural change agent

The organizational culture is, as everyone knows, crucial for both performance and well-being.

Mindfulness is not just a technique, but a set of attitudes and behaviors that can be transferred to the regular working day and help us to take one thing at a time, prioritize more clearly and show greater friendliness. Mindfulness can thus be implemented as a cultural change agent.

Return of the Vikings

The traditional association when you think of the Vikings is that they were brutal, ruthless warriors and rapists, and they were that, but that was more characteristic of the time. But it was also a relatively small area that dominated a great part of Europe, the north African coast, in to the middle east, deep into Russia and all the way to North America, which they discovered long before Christopher Columbus. And this is what we see in the Nordic countries today – relatively small countries that are punching above their weight and leading the way in many categories.

Work-Life Balance

We need a paradigm shift from the classic 9-5 working hours to an individual work-life design. The speaker argued convincingly how this would result in higher productivity, healthier employees, and a reduction in healthcare costs.

We need flexibility in both working hours and working places in order to increase quality of life and the productivity of B-persons by allowing for later starting hours in workplaces.

The Danish leadership-DNA

We talked about the new realities: What drives the fourth industrial revolution? Why are we dealing with a paradigm shift?

We talked about the new mindset: We cannot continue to hold on to assumptions, understandings and positions belonging to the old paradigm. We have to stop limiting ourselves. The new realities require a mindset characterized by openness, curiosity, courage, willingness to learn, trust, empathy and thinking in a whole.

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    Tom Hansen is co-founder of New Practice Leadership. He graduated from The University of Southern Denmark, where he remains on an Advisory Board. Most of his career, he worked with organizational transformation. Today he coaches top managements in global corporations on how to structure the corporation’s innovation and execute in an  exponentially changing world.

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